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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  October 29, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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bracing for storms, heavy rain is heading our way. flooding could become a concern. what it means for your neighborhood. 49ers take on the eagles. they've covered up the field in case there are any pop-up showers. we'll tell you what this sunday soaker could mean for a sloppy game ahead. closing down an interstate overnight. the efforts to clear it. >> the picture taken by delaware
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state police. first, what we are tracking this stormy weather on this sunday. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. this is a live look at first alert radar. neighborhoods could see some pop-up downpours and this will turn into a steady rain. this is a live look. a flood watch is in effect for much of the area. first alert meteorologist steve sosna joins us with the first alert neighborhood forecast. steve? rosemary, rain extending from pennsylvania all the way down to the bahamas. when you have that, you know there's a tropical connection to the rain. with that we could seeing downpours. we've issued that first alert today through tonight. where? for the entire viewing area. the reason why we will see the heavy duty downpours develop through the day today. dry in many spots but that rain will fill in quickly and along
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with the rain isolated storms and some strong, gusty winds. areas of new jersey expanded overnight. now philadelphia and the reason why we're inspecting that heavier rain to pivot in. it will turn stormy later on tonight. lots of humidity, extra hair spray this morning. the rain is off to the west and will be working in from west to east throughout the morning. that rain will continue to fill in. 68 in mt. holly. a warm day. you probably can even wear short
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sleeves. umbrellas not at the stadium. rain boots and the rain poncho. i'll break it down hour by hour. the weather could play a role in today's game in south philadelphia. the eagles are taking on the winless 49ers. kickoff is at 1:00. randy gyllenhaal is live at the linc this morning with a preview of what will probably be a messy matchup. randy? >> reporter: a soggy sunday. all the fans out here tailgating, a lot arriving early. these guys are from delaware county. some of the first that showed up in their rvs. they're setting up the tent hoping that doesn't get blown over.
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they have tickets and they say you need more than a jacket. >> you have the pants which keep you warm but they're clutch because if you're not underneath the roof, the jacket will protect you up top but your legs get wet and that gets uncomfortable. your phone starts dying, your money gets wet, your tickets get wet. it's uncomfortable. bring the pants. >> reporter: bring the pants. at least it's not freezing today. the birds won that against detroit and jack frost. today's game we're not expecting to be as difficult as that one. the weather could prove to be an equalizer today. the 49ers are winless, but soggy field conditions could make this difficult for the birds. carson wentz does not have much experience playing in conditions like this.
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fans say he is from north dakota and grew up in the tundra. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> important to note. thank you, randy. the nfl players coalition is inviting commissioner roger goodell and the houston texans' owner and colin kaepernick to philadelphia for a meeting tomorrow to address concerns. bob mcnair apologized after a report said, quote, we can't have inmates running the prison in reference to the national anthem protest. colin kaepernick was the first to refuse during last year's nfl preseason. the players coalition sent a letter inviting the three men to sit down and talk about their concerns. the players coalition has said our patience is being continually disrespected and is wearing thin. until the league demonstrates its commitment to a process of listening to our grievances we will peacefully demonstrate for
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equality and justice for all. they went to harrisburg on tuesday to talk about criminal justice reform. they say it's time to take politics out of the discussion. >> the gunfire erupted here near 73rd street just before 2:00 this morning. officers rushed the victim to presbyterian hospital where he died from a gunshot wound to the head. no word on who pulled the trigger or why. to west philadelphia where a man standing next to a bus stop realized he was shot in the chin. it happened here at 60th 12:30 this morning. police drove the victim to the hospital in their patrol car. now to the case that's rocked south philadelphia. the 16-year-old accused of shooting and killing two other boys will remain in jail.
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a judge denied bail for brandon olivieri. olivieri was officially charged with killing sal dinubile and caleer miller, both 16 years old. the suspect said little and kept quiet when the judge read the charges against him. hundreds came to say their final farewells. the lines were so long hundreds of people trying to get in to the funeral could only sign the book outside. friends are trying to make sense of this double murder. >> what causes people to think about something like this? what causes you to pick up a gun and pull that trigger for no reason? >> we'll keep you posted. a tractor-trailer fire shut down 295 in new castle county. as i mentioned delaware police
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tweeted this picture of the scene earlier this morning. let's head to south jersey where this accident is in gloucester township. this accident happened after 3:30 this morning. two people are hurt. no word on the extent of their injury. about 100 yards from the first accident there's another one in the opposite direction. the first driver may have been looking at the crash, lost control and flipped over. 7:08 on this sunday. coming up, dueling defensemen ons. how counterprotesters down south took on white lives matter rallies in tennessee. plus, after this storm five years ago today hurricane sandy roared over the shore. what victims are revealing about recovery effort.
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need. here is a live look at the skyline. it looks like the rain is on the way. meteorologist steve sosna is keeping a close watch of this system that will dump us with a
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ton of rain and high winds. steve? >> this is the band of rain i've been tracking. when you joined us at 5:30 that was off to the west. now it's moving to the east. it's a steady line west of al n allentown and western delaware moving into areas like new castle county. if it's not raining in your neighborhood just yet give it time. this line of rain is filling in and there's plenty more rain down to the south. there's a tropical connection to this. the rain continues all the way down into the bahamas right now. showers and breezy weather. pop-up random heavy downpours. then that one round of rain out of here but another round of rain may fill in. this may be the break during game time. let's hope the trend continues and another round fills in 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and continues through
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the evening. that's part one of the. the strong, gusty winds, wind damage. i'll break it down for you in a bit. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, steve. also coming up marking the anniversary of the million woman march in philadelphia. how demonstrators are commemorating the milestone right now. plus, last call. a neighborhood staple serves up its last drink after more than six decades in business. why the owners decided to close up shop. countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by
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and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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7:15 on this sunday. james mattis says north korea is acting an outlaw.
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mattis warns they have different military options to deal with nuclear threats. new overnight staying overseas security forces in the capital of somalia have ended a night long siege at a hotel. the attack has claimed the lives of at least 23 people. a suicide car bomb exploded outside the hotel's gates. five extremist attackers then stormed the building. somali troops regained control of the hotel capturing others alive. counterprotesters tried to drown out messages of hate as neo-nazis and white nationalists gathered in two tennessee cities. >> white lives matter. white lives matter. >> they descended on shelbyville to protest refugee resettlement there. they were far outnumbered by
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people opposing their message of exclusion and hate. state and local police mostly kept the group separated. there were no reports of any violence. women are reuniting in center city, philadelphia, for the 20th anniversary of the million woman march. the march brought an estimated 2.5 african-american women to philadelphia. they will mark the anniversary by marching from city hall to market street. >> five years ago today hurricane sandy barreled ashore changing thousands of lives along the new jersey coastline. victims remain unhappy. family finances have not yet bounced back and some are still facing hurdles dealing with a state program that's supposed to offer help rebuilding.
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7:17 on this sunday. >> over center city, philadelphia. if you can see it cloudy conditions right now. a sunday soaker as we call it. steve sosna has the details. liberty 1 you can almost see the top of it there. you don't see the top of that. that's because our cloud deck is about 900 feet. the clouds erasing some of the skyline. i'll show that to you on radar in a second here. steady and widespread.
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i don't think the wind is a big deal today. it is tomorrow. one band of rain moving through central chester county now moving into reading, up to mechani mechanicsville. in delaware we're seeing the rain move there. you can see the rain into wilmington. near the airport in atlantic city we'll see this cluster of activity continue to fill in and gel together. thunderstorm indicators there. 63 degrees in philadelphia.
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we're waiting upon the rainfall. if it's dry, bring the umbrella with you that rain fills in. temperatures in the 60s in many neighborhoods breaking it down for you hour by hour. one batch of rain moves through. light pockets, steadier downpours. this is the coastal storm that takes over. here's 7:00 widespread heavy rain and that will continue as we head through the overnight hours and will push out to sea. a look at the ten-day forecast. stormy weather for the eagles. tomorrow windy and chilly. that wind will be howling at 56 degrees. as we turn the corner no next
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week springlike weather. looks like we'll be okay. >> we'll see you shortly. a tavern that was a staple of the chestnut hills community. early this morning it was three generations have operated the bar. they say changing drinking habits are part of the reason they decided to sell the business. 7:21 right now on this sunday. coming up, delayed suspension. an astros player receives his punishment a racist gesture in the dugout but it will not impact his playing time in the world series. we'll explain. a local woman watched her mother suffer through breast cancer, and she vowed never to go through the same thing. the difficult decision she made knowing breast cancer ran in her family and how it have saved her
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life monday starting at 4:00 a.m. here on nbc 10.
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welcome to the chef's kitchen. what are we making? >> eggs benedict. we're just going to poach some eggs. cold butter. >> always cold butter. >> just a little bit of tomato paste for richness and color. >> looks like you have two different kinds of shrimp. >> you get plenty without counting.
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that is for the bread and thome. >> and you're going tomato side down. >> oh, this is nice. there's too many shrimp to count. the eggs here. >> this looks so amazing. i'm going to dig in. perfect, perfect. isn't that amazing. i will see you at brunch.
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some serious star power, john legend, whoopi goldberg and earth, wind and fire joined guests and philanthropists for a fund-raiser. the philly fights cancer event to support clinical trials and research at the university of fence. nbc 10's jacqueline london was there spoke to whoopi goldberg about the impact of the event. >> well, you know, it's important now for me to be a part of but for all these people to be a part. i try to do what i can. >> last year this event raised $5.5 million. organizers hope this will exceed that total. walkers, bikers and joggers
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were free to roam the open roads for this year's philly free street event. a seven-mile stretch was closed to cars and buses from 8:00 yesterday morning until 1:00 in the afternoon. free events along the way including yoga, dancing, hand ball and workouts. even a mural people could help to paint. >> this is our chance to ride up north and experience another neighborhood for us and another neighborhood for all our children growing up here. >> it's a chance to connect them all together. >> many took advantage of the free streets. 7:26 right now on this sunday and it is game day for the birds. kickoff is just a few hours away at 1:00 at the linc as the eagles take on the winless 49ers. wet weather play a role in this
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one. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at the linc for a preview. >> reporter: looking like a sunday soaker, so up next we chat with some of the fans already arriving to tailgate. plus a look back at one of the eagles' most infamous weather games, the snow bowl of 2013. and we have a plume of rain that extends over 1,300 miles. what does that mean for us with this tropical connection? i'll break it down hour by hour. first the foggy cam.
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stormy sunday. that wet weather moving our way. we tracking the rain and what it means for your neighborhood. playing in the rain. the eagles and 49ers kick off in just a few hours and the weather
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could play a role in this game. we are live for a preview of the action. bail denied. a 16-year-old accused of killing two other teenaged boys in south philadelphia will stay in jail. how this is setting up to be a real legal battle. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:30. we are tracking those storms that are slowly but surely moving into our area. some neighborhoods will see some pop-up showers, downpours this morning and then this afternoon. it could cause some flooding. this is a live look now in center city just a few minutes after sun rise but, yeah, the sun is not going to be shang today. steve sosna is keeping a close watch on this. steve? >> what sun? this is one of our high-impact
7:31 am
weather days of the year. our weather team has issued a first alert today into tonight. the reason we are expecting high-impact weather for the entire viewing area in the form of heavy rain, some isolated thunderstorms. street flooding as we head into the evening and the last element will be the strong, gusty winds and they will kick in here by tomorrow morning. as you get off to work and school it looks like a stormy start. flash flood watches new this. flight traffic is moving. we don't have the heavy rain in the area. it is moving in from the south and working to the north. we will see flight lays coming up later on today. it's moving off to the east.
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in through eastern and lancaster county into areas of western chester county seeing that rain and get ready. it's a soggy day today. pockets of heavy rain. even down to the shore points. looking at a humid and tropical day. i'll time it out for you. >> could impact the game between the eagles and 49ers. this is a live look. the eagles have the best record in the nfl still winless seven games into the season. the rain could be an equalizer. we'll have to see. randy? >> reporter: a couple things, one, i think i felt the first
7:33 am
rain drops. don't bring an umbrella. and, number three, take a look. 7:30 this morning the tailgate lot completely packed with fans. let's catch up with these guys from delaware county. they showed off their rain gear. they're setting up that tent so they can party out here until the game starts. they're going inside. they're going to ride out this storm. >> i'm ready to get wet. i'm ready. >> how do you think they'll play in these conditions? >> run the ball. run blount, we'll be fine. the eagles snow bowl against the lions in 2013.
7:34 am
a tough battle against detroit and mother nature. the weather could prove to be some sort of equalizer. carson wentz has not had much experience playing in this. the eagles should just run the ball a lot today especially with those conditions expected to deteriorate this noon. we are helping you get ready for today's big game. it all starts at 9:30 this morning with "eagles gameday kickoff." eagles hall of famer jeremiah trotter. the official station of the philadelphia eagles. in other news this morning two men are fighting for their
7:35 am
lives following what investigators are calling a brutal stabbing in logan. they found the men with a number of stab wounds. officers rushed them both. no arrest in this case. the 16-year-old accused of shooting and killing two other teenaged boys in south philadelphia will remain in jail. yesterday a judge denied bail for brandon olivieri. his lawyer is promising a legal fight this isn't over. olivieri was officially charged with killing salvator dinubile and caleer miller. prosecutors plan to try him as an adult. friends of the victims tell us they are still stunned that an argument turned into a double murder. >> i just can't believe. he was such a good kid.
7:36 am
hundreds of people who tried to get into the fun could only sign the guest book outside. a neighbor is being praised for saving lives during a row home fire in north philadelphia. a real hero. neighbor vince brown says his neighbor woke him up. after getting his family out safely he deed it was time to help. he tells us he was able to get three people out including a grandmother and a young child. he did it through his bedroom window. >> get my camera out and record. i figure jump into action. >> and you can see him helping the grandmother, the child, and the other person out of his house.
7:37 am
coming up on nbc 10 news today under arrest, he was the first major leaguer to take a knee during the national anthem and now he is in trouble with the law. what police say he did to a delivery driver. chuck todd will join us live to talk about the russia investigation and what's expected to happen tomorrow.
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7:0 on this sunday, let's take a live look at beach avenue and cape may. you can see the clouds hovering over the shoreline right now, a few people taking an early morning walk on the beach today. this is a precursor of what's to come as meteorologist steve sosna tells us much of our region if not all of our region will get some of the wet weather today. steve? >> rosemary, seeing some of the rain breaking out in our western suburbs. this is doppler radar showing you the heavier rain now from reading moving south through chester county, through wilmington now so right along the i-95 corridor we're seeing the soaking downpours and even rain filling in at the jersey shore. some rain just south of you. so all of this will be lifting up to the north. so into some of our neighborhoods we go.
7:41 am
some of the rain moving in there, down to wilmington and then some very heavy rain, even indications of potentially strong winds here through central and southern delaware. this is all lifting up to the north. we'll be watching the rain filling in through the day. this is our morning watch of rain and then we'll have a second round of rain filling in later on this afternoon. and that's where we'll be tracking some of that rainfall for you. again, it's from neighborhood to neighborhood. it could be pouring in one neighborhood and then right down the street it's dry. there is that tropical connection of rain moving on in here. it's in the 60s on this sunday morning. the air is loaded with humidity. it looks like machi showers but that heavy rain will come in after the game. some strong, gusty winds coming up in a bit. >> we'll see you shortly. coming up next, "meet the press" moderator chuck todd will join
7:42 am
us live for a preview of what's ahead this morning talking about the russia investigation and what's happening in the republican party. plus, pulling even. highlights of last night's world series game and the late inning surge of runs. joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
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nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work
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that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person. deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah.
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7:45 on this sunday. a man is dead in philadelphia. the gunman was shot in the head. there's no word on a suspect in the case or a motive. the 16-year-old boy accused of shooting and killing two other teens in south philadelphia will remain in jail. yesterday a judge denied bail for brandon olivieri, charged with killing sal dinubile and caleer miller, both 16 years old, on tuesday night. the eagles at home this afternoon taking on the san francisco 49ers. this is a live look from our eagles nest camera. the eagles have the best record in the league while the 49ers have not won a game yet. weather could play a role as storms move into the region. we'll be watching it closely. the dodgers pulled even with the astros after a late-inning surge.
7:46 am
let's talk some baseball now. l.a. scored five runs to take down the as in game four of the fall classic. three of those runs came on a peterson homer. the final, 6-2. the series is now tied at two games apiece. game five is tonight. speaking of juror league baseball, the league has suspended houston astros player yuli gurriel for five games for making what he now admits was a, quote indefensible racist gesture. gurriel was caught on camera pulling the corners of his eyes, making a racist facial gesture towards dodgers yu darvish, who is japanese. this morning we are not showing that gesture. the league will suspend gurriel without pay for the first five games next year. he will still be able to compete in the remaining games of this year's ongoing world series. he said in part, during last night's game i made a gesture that was indefensible. i sincerely apologize to everyone i offended with my
7:47 am
actions. a's who became the first major league baseball player to take a knee is facing charges for pointing a gun at a woman delivering food to his house in arizona. bruce maxwell is facing aggravated assault charges for the incident last night. maxwell also made news recently for claiming he was denied service at an alabama restaurant by a pro-trump waiter who did not approve of the anthem protest. the waiter has said maxwell is lying. let's talk about the phils. today the phillies will host their annual halloween bash to break the day of patients in philadelphia. the party will be held at the embassy suites. the philly phanatic will be there along with other favorites. 7:47. and we are tracking a wet day ahead, a sunday soaker, as we're
7:48 am
calling it, as storms move into the region. a live look at the center city skyline. just setting the stage for what's to come later on. meteorologist steve sosna is keeping close watch it have and is here to tell us what to expect. steve? we call ourselves neighborhood weather and it is neighborhood by neighborhood where we're seeing the variations and conditions, random pop-up downpours. you can fire up your app to see if the downpour is near you. zoom right into your street level and you'll need that app throughout the day because the steady, soaking rain will continue. we're going to being at this rain gel in a widespread batch as we go through the afternoon and evening hours. the wind component of the storm we've been advertising kicks in tomorrow. today it's breezy. tomorrow winds upwards of 20 miles an hour. all of our neighborhoods are cloudy now. i have been finding some light rain here across northern areas of new castle county.
7:49 am
don't be surprised if the rain starts up quickly in your neighborhood going from overcast to rainy very fast where temperatures are around 60 degrees. for my friends in montgomery and bucks county. 60 in lansdale. 60 up in bedminster. 60 in new hope. not a huge spread in temperatures but we are seeing a lot of humidity in the air. it's a very humid day, a lot of hair spray and also you can sweat pretty easily in this. a t-shirt or a light jacket here but nothing heavy for the day today. heavy rainfall is located across the state of delaware and i've been watching the rain all morning long creep to the north so it's moving through, again, chester, new castle county and then through the beaches in delaware. right now it's 63 in philadelphia with that overcast sky. that overcast will continue along with these mild temperatures shooting for a high of 69 today in philadelphia. so here's what you can expect. you see the sun icon here. that's just to show it won't be
7:50 am
raining the entire time here. we could see spot showers, maybe a random down power. some heavier rain building in for the second half of the game. there's batch number one. 1:00, there's that break. so let's hope this continues. we'll continue to it and then the rain fills in this afternoon and this evening the rain will be heavy. a look at your ten day on 10 forecast where we're looking at the stormy weather, our first alert all day today and tonight. remember to have the app out there. 69 degrees. 56 for tomorrow. it's a gusty wind and a chilly morning shower. make sure you have the jackets here tomorrow and then the nice warming trend. oh, halloween looks nice with temperatures around degrees. this week another gop senator jumps ship adding to talk after civil war in the republican party. it will be part of the discussion on this morning "meet the press." joining us now for a preview is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. good morning, chuck.
7:51 am
we also want to talk about the russia investigation. we'll get to that in a moment. first, senator jeff flake has been critical of president trump. he certainly was in his book. he's been out there publicly. he says he will not run for re-election. is the republican party now the party of trump? what's going on here? >> that's exactly right because jeff flake isn't running not because he doesn't still want to be a senator. he did. he's not running because he couldn't win, because his criticism of the president made him more unpopular in the republican party. the establishment wing of the party is dominant here in washington, and what we're learning they're now seeing they're out of touch with the majority of republican voters. they're with president trump, pure and simple. if you're not with him, you're going to get punished. that's what happened to jeff flake. for now in this brewing civil war, you have one side that's basically laying down their arms. bob corker not running. jeff flake, not running. a whole bunch of other republicans privately critical deciding not to be critical.
7:52 am
so, look, i think for now we know it is his party, but it's a battle that he won. he hasn't won the full-fledged war. november 2018 will tell us do trump like candidates win general elections? do democrats replace flake and corker or trump-like republicans replace flake and corker? that will tell house is winning this war. >> chuck, nbc news has confirmed that counsel robert mueller will serve up an indictment tomorrow in connection with the russia investigation. still a lot of unanswered questions. how is president trump handling this? how is he receiving this news? >> you can just follow his twitter feed the last two weeks. we've had a slew of people very close to the president either his campaign or in this white house show up for interviews either with the grand jury and bob mueller's investigation or on capitol hill. and the house and senate investigation. that combined with this news, you can see the president has launched a bunch of diversionary tactics, you've seen a ramp-up
7:53 am
in the trump-friendly media trying to focus on hillary clinton. and i think even one of his former managers referred to the clinton administration which doesn't exist, of course. but the point is that's where their focus is. look, we will know the direction of where this probe is headed and the length of it based on who is indicted tomorrow. is it somebody in the center of the investigation, the president's son-in-law, or is it somebody on the periphery they want more information from but broke laws but they found out broke laws in other parts of their work life? and that's why who the individual or individual is tomorrow will tell us more than we know today. >> and maybe want to get information from them. all right, chuck todd, as always, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. >> thanks, rosemary. >> "meet your press" comes your way at 10:30 this morning. again, 10:30 right here on nbc 10.
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before we leave you this morning, we do want to get one last check of our forecast for today we're in that first alert mode. we want to make sure you're prepared because that weather will move through quickly here. >> several aspects to the storm. lincoln financial field are all prepped for this trying to keep that rain off the field here. as we take a look at the sweeping radar you can the latest image showing rain on the doorstep there at the stadium. randy was saying he was seeing
7:57 am
raindrop activity and that makes sense. we have that arm of heavy rain working south to north. areas of delaware, you're smothered in the rain right now. it's moving into cape may and atlantic city north of you random pop-up downpours. that's the theme of the day here for today. so here is your eagles game day forecast. the hope is this first batch of rain moves through so that by early afternoon we have more of a scattered shower type of activity. it's not that steady, heavy rain. and then we'll see the rain pick back up again round two. that's what the coastal storm we've been talking about when the winds will start to crank. so here is a look at your ten-day forecast because we have a lot to talk about. that first alert today. make sure you have the app so can you fire it up to zoom down to your street to see where the random pop-up downpours are at 69 degrees. 56 gusty winds for tomorrow. and then we have some milder weather ahead. we'll be back at 9:00 to track that rain for you. >> and a dry day for halloween. >> absolutely. there's good news in the forecast. >> we will be back at 9:00.
7:58 am
we'll see you then. have a good one.
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8:00 am
outrageous and dignified behavior. >> the basis of our country. it's never going to go away. >> going to be much harder for men to get away with this. >> dodgers are leading the series. >> good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on this october 29th. i'm williegeist. robert mueller was appointed in may.


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